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Project & process management services

"Improve the process, control the execution"

A service which is about much more than just outsourcing, it’s about putting your business in the best possible competitive position.
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BPI is our systematic approach to optimising business processes by using data to identify and remove inefficiencies and variability based on proven lean techniques. With Project Management based on PRINCE2 and Agile methodologies, we seek to support more complex projects in delivering results in a structured and controlled way. Revolutionise the customer experience, with improvements in quality, productivity and of course costs.

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More so than anytime in the past few decades, your BPI partner is now part of your brand. Today, partners not only integrate with your objectives and processes, but more importantly, they can improve them and provide tangible improvements. 

BPI enables company processes to be leaner, perform better, and to be increasingly flexible by applying recognised process improvement methodologies including Lean Six Sigma.
The first step is to map out the best processes. Once this is decided, we then create training aids to close any gaps in skill levels. The result is better quality, higher productivity and lower costs.

All our functional team leads undergo Lean Six Sigma training to drive process improvements and cost savings for our client's.
PRINCE2 heavily emphasises the importance of processes in management. It is all about starting the project, initiating it, continuing the management process with the given guidelines, and finally finishing the project to transfer it over to the normal business.

It is a predictive, planned approach which remains focused on the larger goals throughout the project. We use clearly defined and structured processes focusing on the quality of the quality of the product and services.
In the digital age, agile methods are increasingly being seen as crucial to successful innovation. It has origins within Lean Six Sigma and use scrums to focuses on the delivery. 

The methodology requires close collaboration with clients, users and all other stakeholders, so that their needs can be understood and incorporated into the project.

We give constant feedback into the process to make the product better, focusing on implementing smaller incremental gains to achieve your business goals.

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Knowing where to focus time in methodology is just as important as understanding the tool kits available. All successful changes and projects have a few things in common such as the method of control, and method of measuring success, but the best also have one other key element: objectives which are achievable. There is no one size fits all solution, our team can help you implement your chosen process in the most effective way