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Procurement & Supply Chain Management services

"Create advantage throughout your supply chain"

We can help you connect with your next supply chain opportunity, and be an extension to your current team.
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Over 20 years experience in managing suppliers and complex supply chains

Sometimes, doing something simply but doing it well can bring just as much value to your organisation, as spending a lot of money on technology and automation. 

This is especially true within the modern supply chain where the onus is on speed, efficiency and reliability. Our experts can support your in-house teams, create a new function, or quickly build new capability to boost performance. 

We don't simply perform a set of tasks but take responsibility for a set of clear objectives, helping you to focus on seeking new objectives for cost reduction, performance and building relationships.

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It’s easy to overlook, but the supply chain can deliver substantial cost and performance benefits which give your company a crucial edge. If you can manage processes faster and more affordably, you’ll be able to get products to market and at a better price.

Even small gains here can put you one up on the competition. In many organisations, commercial and operational activities are not always aligned, working with us can really help you to achieve significant results!
We can supplement your team, saving you time and money. Here are just some of ways you’ll benefit:
  • Gain transparency into supply chains and their contribution.
  • Understand demand, suppliers, risk profiles, and optimisation opportunities.
  • Implement opportunities and up skill teams.
  • Or simple allow your team to work on value adding activity like preventing the next Supply Chain risk.
  • Find the next low cost supplier.
  • Outsource the management of non core suppliers to us, saving time and money.
Suppliers represent an increasingly important source of innovation, growth and productivity as well as a potential source of risk.

It is very tempting to consistently look to suppliers to drive down costs, but costs realistically only go down by increasing risk and reducing quality.

We believe it's best to work collaboratively with suppliers to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Let us help connect you with your next supply chain opportunity

We also work with suppliers directly to help find new distribution and sales channels for emerging markets into UK, Europe, and US markets.