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"We’ll show you how your back office can be the engine of success"

Faster and more efficient services here lead to improved customers service and increased bottom line performance.
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Your back office could be a crucial but under exploited resource

Your back office captures vast quantities of data such as order fulfilment, applications/transaction processing, billing and collections. All that data can be analysed to gain insights, improve processes and enhance performance.

Our team can work with you to get more out of your back office processes for low monthly costs. We aim to enhance the quality of your service delivery whilst maintaining relevant standards, and offer you dedicated resources which we train, and support. This allows you to focus on other business related matters or enjoy the lifestyle of the digital nomad.

We can also connect with specialist expertise in Ukraine

Use us to project manage a one stop shop of services

 Our deep industry specific expertise helps us to tailor customised back office services that match your business needs.
  • IT Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Website & Software Development
  • Call Centre Support & Sales
  • Marketing Strategy

Ukraine: a thriving global IT hub

Ukraine has a rich culture of highly intelligent, colourful and friendly people. We chose Kiev in particular as our operational centre due to its excellent access to university calibre graduates, local infrastructure and because it is home to many multinational corporations.

It has become renowned for the quality of IT programmers, marketing professionals and call centre staff and we aim to develop teams of highly qualified people. With this team of world class professionals, we can open up opportunities to grow your capabilities and profits.